Hire Resolve UK

 The Company believes in responsible use of personal information collected in the course of its business and through its website. The Company is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information.  This privacy policy sets out the basis on which any personal information collected by the Company from you, or that you provide to the Company, will be used, stored and processes (hereinafter referred to as “collect” or “collected”). This includes, but is not limited to, the collection of personal information or data from the use of the Company website.  
By making use of the Company website, or interacting with the Company by mail, electronic communication or personally, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out in this privacy policy.  
If at any time you have queries that are not dealt with in this document, please visit our website or contact our compliance at compliance@hireresolve.us
We may request, receive, store and record details that are defined as ‘Personal Information’ in terms of the POPI Act, from Clients, Candidates, Employees and Service Providers.  The Personal Information we process as a result of a visit to our website, depends on the data provided by the user.  
If a user accesses the website, but does not interact with the Company (i.e., Apply for an available position) the Company processes the data contained in cookies.  
If a user chooses to apply for an available position, registers as a user or submits a contact request, the Company will require the user to provide certain Personal Information necessary to complete the activities of the Company.  
 The Company assures that the use of your personal information is lawful, reasonable and relevant to the activities of the Company.  
The Company may process your personal data collected through the website for the following purposes:  

Company Activities
The Company is in the business of Recruitment Services. The Company will process the personal data of users in order to run the business, which includes managing a relationship with the user, assessing the users suitability as a candidate; promoting the user as a candidate, matching candidates with available clients, administrative, accounting and corporate rights and obligations, and maintaining and using IT systems  

Service Delivery (SLA)  
The Company will process Personal Information of users who indicate an interest in becoming a client of the Company in order to enter into a contract of service, match the client with potential candidates and perform the duties as set out under the service level agreement.  

Direct marketing
The Company may process Personal Information for direct marketing purposes in order to promote and develop services and provide industry specific information the Company believes will be of interest to the user. Users are provided with the opportunity to opt out of direct marketing.  

Security, quality, and risk management
Personal Information may be processed for the purpose of maintaining security and within the scope of internal quality and risk analysis.  

Legal and Professional Requirements

Where the Company is subject to legal, regulatory and professional obligations, the Company may need to keep records to demonstrate that the services provided are in compliance with those obligations.  

 The Company may from time to time transfer or disclose Personal Information to other entities within One Group, of which the Company is a subsidiary, as well as third parties for any of the purposes as set out herein.  

 You may at any time:  
Request us to confirm what Personal information the Company has relating to you and by whom it was accessed. A fee may be charged for such a request;
Ask the Company to update or delete your information or refrain from using it;  
Unsubscribe from any of the Company’s electronic communications by following the unsubscribe link provided;
Enquire how your Personal Information has been used, if at all.
 The Company may refuse to delete Personal Information if such deletion would compromise an obligation in law which requires the Company to keep the information for a determined period or if such deletion would compromise the Company’s ability to render the company activities.  
You indemnify the Company against any damages that may arise from the request in such circumstances or damages that may follow as a result thereof.  

 The Company has in place up-to-date, reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect users’ Personal Information against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, misuse, destruction or against unauthorized disclosure or access to information collected through the use of the website.  
Despite this, absolute security cannot be guaranteed in respect of physical data storage or data stored electronically. Should a breach occur, the Company will ascertain how and where the breach occurred and make sure that the risk is addressed immediately.  
 The Company will ascertain which data has become vulnerable as a result of the breach and notify the user immediately. The Company will assist the user in minimizing any potential damages that he/she may suffer as a result, where possible.  

 From time to time, the Company may revise this policy to reflect the Company’s initiatives, changes in law or technology or changing in practice with regards to the collection of Personal Information.  
Changes to the policy will be published on the website.